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FACEBOOK LIVE – The Emotion Code Divas Show

Every Wednesday morning 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET join THE EMOTION CODE DIVAS on Facebook LIVE! Go to and join the conversation!

Dana J Smithers and Helena Jehnichen are Certified Emotion Code Practitioners who help people in emotional and physical pain attract more love, better health, more happiness and overall abundance in their life.

Trained in Emotion Code Healing through Dr Bradley Nelson they use non-invasive muscle testing to release negative trapped emotions. They refer to the Emotion Code Chart comprised of 60 negative emotions that are released one at a time from your body.

Helena Jehnichen is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapist Association. By using hypnosis and other complimentary techniques she is able to release unwanted and sometimes hidden feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety and frustration. Hypnosis is great for releasing weight, quitting smoking, building confidence, reducing stress, resolving sleep issues, removing fears and phobias, breaking bad habits and/or any number of other issues. She is also known as ‘The Stop Smoking Lady’. She works in person or via phone, Skype or Zoom with her clients and lives on Vancouver Island British Columbia.

Dana J Smithers is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Business Coach who works with women around the world to gain clarity, get focused and take action to achieve their business and personal goals. She uses the Emotion Code to release their trapped emotions that are holding them back from moving forward to success. She is also a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide and mentors women who are unclear of their purpose and uses the Emotion Code to release any trapped emotions holding them back from living and feeling on purpose. Dana lives in Vancouver British Columbia.