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You may have heard of a sacred box, God box, or Spirit box but may not be sure what it is or how it is used. A sacred box is basically a ‘mail-box to Spirit’. We always have a direct line to spirit through prayer or starting a conversation, but the value of a Sacred Box lies in the grounding nature of the physical world.

It is rooted in ritual; through the art + intention of placing a handwritten a note into a sacred container of one’s choice and design for the purpose of being spiritually received. The sacred box is placed on one’s altar or other area of reverence, infused with the faith that it is for Spirit’s eyes only.

It’s where we release concerns and bring in our visions by depositing questions, worries, and requests we’re having trouble reconciling, accepting, or bringing into our lives. It invites Spirit to transmute, support, and co-create with us.

It is a tangible direct line of sacred communication with the divine. This is one’s own spiritual practice of connecting to a higher intelligence or power. No two sacred boxes can possibly be the same just as no two people are.

The possibilities of what to put in them are endless, but here are a few:

  • Surrender worries about health, finances, and relationships.
  • Areas you are working on in your life such as habits to change, being more present, more patient, motivated, inspired, or more loving with yourself or others.
  • Help with working out a problem at home, work, or with a friend
  • Help with a lost pet, ring, or other sentimental loss.
  • Add a picture of the future house, profession, partner, or yourself when you felt your healthiest or happiest asking for help in co-creating the opportunities that will lead you to the visions you have for yourself.

The One Reason To Create Your Own Sacred Box

To create a practice being in the vibration of gratitude. This allows you to participate in the ritualistic act of releasing heavy energy and surrendering that which you cannot reconcile in a way that ‘Keeps the Record’ – You can revisit your queries over time to confirm what you asked so you can notice what has been answered, worked out, given, or is still being worked on.

This presents an opportunity to cleanse your box and participate in a Ceremony of Gratitude by burning the pieces of paper that have been transmuted to light. And, the law of attraction tells us the more we are in the vibration of being grateful, the more we align with opportunities, people, and outcomes to be grateful for.

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